Thursday, February 4, 2010

53 burfday!

im waiting so long for dis luvly picture. on 200110 our family celebrated my mum's 53 burfday! dis gathering is held at steamboat taman seri gombak. nice dish! yummy!!! in hope Allah bless our luvly mum da rest of her life. amin...

p/s: am! cepat skit upload pic aqiqah ;) tengkiu!


  1. Hey..
    This posting is copy paste from your brother.. Accept the wording, you can do better than this lar... Anyway, hope Allah swt bless your luvly mum da rest of her life. Amin..

  2. chait!!sabaaaa....!!!ho ho ho..gong xi fa cai!!

  3. uiii...happy besday kepada your mum too ferk!!
    yummyyyy, steamboat tuu..
    your mum dpt present big apple ker?

  4. accept ker except??haha!!kata power english..ko pun salah gak?HA ha HA ha HA!!

  5. tu la..
    ingatkan da cukup bagus nak nasihat orang dalam english tapi diri sendiri pon xbetul..
    ko pon same bodoh cam aku gak..
    tayah la act oke?