Tuesday, August 18, 2009


"Its easy like eating marshmallow without you have to chew it, then you realize it melts and leaves you sweetly taste on your tongue.." *what am i trying to say is its so easy hehe..*

5 STEP, and you are DONE!
  1. Go to the EXABytes which you can click over here : Win Iphone 3G
  2. Register a form.
  3. Put my email as a refer email which is : myferk@yahoo.com
  4. Check your email to get the javascript.
  5. Paste it on your blog and spread the news to your friends
lepas da buat benda ni suma. tawakal je. untung nasib dapat iphone. hahaha!

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  1. oi oi kopi pes siot aku punye! wakakaka

    apesal tak tempek exabytes tu?

    anyways, hows ur baby? cane jadi ayah ok?

  2. hahaha.. abang ferk rupanya.. muahahaha:) boleh berkenalan ? asl pls !! muahahaha .. sory ter"FLOOD" feedjit anda! hahahaha